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Not a hat to wear to the country club (comb your hair : ) these are shred anything hats. Not the flat brim full frontal flower pot on top of your head we've suffered thru for years, this is a throwback to the SoCal beach/skate scene of the 1970s. Dadhats are in style tho w one flaw: pre-curved brim. Here is possibly the most important life lesson you will ever learn:

Grip your own skateboard, zip up your own wetsuit... and always ALWAYS personalize your hat by hand-shaping the brim.

The "Center V Victor" or the "Two Crease Clyde" are legit, pictured here is the "Hand Roll Hank" and the "Flip Wilson".

Color: Black w Lime Green Puckface, Red Tongue :Q Riders: Tucker Corbin, Ryder Fish, Beautiful Joe

Trucker Pucker

  • Our famous tongue closure looks dope and w velcro always ensures the perfect fit. Bright embroidered logo you can see for miles. Holesom Laguna Patch at side. 

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