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Street Sweeper III - long awaited addition to the lineage. 


40.25" by 9" (7" at the kicks) wheelbase: 26.5" 


Complete set up with


Raw Paris 180 V3s

Otang InHeat 75mm 80a Wheels

Holesom Seafoam Risers 

California Bearings

upgraded Otang Knuckles Bushings


yields the perfect radial flex and "kittens under your feet" performance we were looking for. Biggest holes ever for a Sweeper, these holes puctuate the bounce back, so rather than a full length between wheel base flex producing the dreaded V flex, Sweeper III conducts five 4" flex patterns in series, bringing flexy back! Dance, cross-step, carve and even bust long standies... same amazing craftsmanship and construction, now with kicks. 


And the world is suddenly a better place.




Sweeper III Complete

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