**we have some Street Sweeper "DOPE" decks where on one end, the truck holes are slightly out of alignment. Otherwise they are mint. We never planned on selling these but the release of the Sweeper3 is taking longer than we thought, and people want Sweeper love, so here is a really good deal. For a cruiser/carver deck, nothing beats a Sweeper, even if it isn't 100% perfect (but you won't really notice anyway : )

40" length with multiple wheelbases, flexy to stiff, depending on truck placements. 9" wide, camber and concave, big noses for tricks, no wheelbite. Sweeper owners love the looks of their deck, and the looks it gets, but nothing compares to the heavenly flex produced by 11 layers of alternately laid hemp and bamboo.

Complete includes:

-Holy Roller Abec9 built-in bearings
-Holesom seafoam green rubber risers
-Factory spray gripped

Sweeper II DOPE 2nds

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