Like all Holesom products, this Stardust is very unique. The sleek, tip to toe foiled rails eliminate the need for wheel wells. Feels and looks like nothing else. 

Stardust is a 36" downhill deck as fast as it looks. Totally stiff with 5/8" concave, 9.75" wide and a wheel base of 27".

Stardust is shaped in Oregon for Holesom by LBL.

Stardust Completes are set up with Holy Roller bearings and our seafoam green rubber risers, black Blood Orange grip or clear Vicious, and your truck/wheel choice:

(a) Paris 180s 43 degree, blue Abec11 ZigZags 70mm81a
(b) Paris 180s 43 degree with orange Otang 4Prez 70mm80a

Stardust (Down Hill)

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