V1 Specials are half bamboo and hemp, other half maple.

The Saturday Night Special (aka Special) is a symmetrical downhill deck measuring 34 inches. Unencumbered tip to tail platform for smooth and free foot shifting, the Special is a stiff, tight brick built to last. We have never had a Special returned, they are that well made.

Wheelbases 24", 24.5", 25", 25.5", 26" and the deck 9.7" at widest point, 1/2" concave, mellow rocker, flushmounts.

Shaped in Southern California with bamboo, hemp and maple. The hemp and bamboo give it that sweet Holesom feel.

Special Completes come with California Bearings and our seafoam green rubber risers, and your truck/wheel choice:

(a) Paris 180s 43 degree with pink Abec11 FreeRides 70mm78a
(b) Paris 180s 43 degree with orange Otang 4Prez 70mm80a

Saturday Night Special (DH) V1

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