Bringing back the Powder Blues!


Powder Blues baby powder smelling pucks were a best seller, and back aways we originally made just 1200 limited edition sets which sold out right away. Well, we just randomly decided to make more and reissue these for you now!


Limited edition of just 200 sets.


color/smell: electric blue pucks/baby powder

shape: squircle (in between a square and a circle)

size: 3 5/8 inches side to side, 3 9/16 inches corner to corner

thickness: 1/2 inch weight: 3.15 ounces each puck material: (proprietary blend)



Powder Blues Pucks

  • Fast, durable, smellicious, super dense yet lightweight because of the holes. One pucks set includes two slide pucks, die cut hospital grade velcro (better than industrial grade) and a die-cut decal. Holesom Pucks supports Laguna Beach Animal Shelter - Thank You for that : )

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