We made these as a limited edition a few years back... once and a while someone asks for them, so here ya go (we just have a few sets of these)

color/smell: gold/bacon, purple/blueberries 
shape: squircle (in between a square and a circle)
size: 3 5/8 inches side to side, 3 9/16 inches corner to corner
thickness: 1/2 inch
weight: 3.15 ounces each puck
material: (proprietary blend)

OG Bacon & Blueberry

  • Fast, durable, smellicious, super dense yet lightweight because of the holes. One pucks set includes two slide pucks, die cut hospital grade velcro (better than industrial grade) and a die-cut decal. Holesom Pucks supports Laguna Beach Animal Shelter - Thank You for that : )

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