23.5 inch Cruiser deck. Cutest mini on the market, but the Crouton is built to shred! For when our Loaf or Biscuit is too much bread. 

Natural hard rock maple with raspberry core/stringer. Concave and kick. Spray gripped. Your front foot is cradled comfy at 7 and 5/8" and your back foot at the kick has 6 purposeful inches in width, this is also the most comfortable mini you can ride.

Made in Oregon, Holesom/LBL collaboration.

Crouton Completes are set up with Holy Roller abec9 bearings, our seafoam green rubber risers, and your choice of:

(a) raw Paris 150s, purple Otang Skiffs
(b) black Attacks 150s, Abec11 Bertz 60mm
(c) raw Paris 149 Street trucks, orange Otang FatFrees

Ask us for a wheel/truck preference substitution and we will try to make that happen.

Crouton (Cruiser) in natural/raspberry

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