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Version 2 of our 6 in 1 "Shredule" - a tool designed for you to have a better life : )

"Day Maker" is a Gratitude Journal, Weekly Schedule, To-Do List, Goal Setter, Free Write, and Draw/Sketcher. Same guts (content pages) as our original Shredule. It can begin on any week, 52 pages of making your day better.


V2 has Morrocan leather binding for smooth and sturdy usability, a chill Holesom cover, and the back has truck mount holes, for no particular reason other than it is who we are. You don't have to set it up with trucks tho... actually, you know how the right bushing can totally dial in your set up, perfecting your ride? Well this Day Maker is like that- and will totally dial in your day and week. Ride with a smile and keep it Holesom.

Back story: I love using planners, nothing more gratifying than putting pencil to paper to keep things moving along. I used to spend days, weeks shopping for the perfect planner, never finding a good fit for me. So for the last several years, I've designed and made my own planner from scratch. You might say I'm the daytimer whisperer. I've been told I should offer these to the public for years, well, these are too nice not to so here you go!

Day Maker

$45.00 Regular Price
$33.75Sale Price
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