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Camera Puck: Multi-purpose low profile slide puck camera mount.


Use for low shots where a tripod just won't do, Camera Puck holds and protects your camera 1/2 inch off the ground. 


The reason we created this was for action sports photography. Use as a pivot point or to slide your camera in motion to get that unique, low shot, as in the gallery photo of the downhill skater who is also using this product in its natural purpose as a slide puck. (we have manufactured and shipped over a million slide pucks world with never a single return). Also works amazingly for still pictures like product/nature pics.


Camera Pucks are scented, like surf wax is, the smell is part of the material.


Mounts to camera as a tripod does. Puck made of proprietary Delrin blend for smoth slides and super stable base. Urethane conical shaped bushing adjusts focal angle simply by pressing with thumb. 


Made in USA




Camera Puck

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