The Biscuit is SoCal thru and thru. It's shape comes from one of my surfboards, and like all Holesom decks, thorough prototyping (aka shredding) took place in the Laguna Beach hills, Corona Del Mar alleys, some undisclosed ditches and Etnies skate park. 

The Biscuit is a 31.5" cruiser/ditch/freeride deck made entirely of bamboo and hemp. Stiff with incredible feel, this deck has the perfect blend of concave and rocker with a spoon nose kick and poppy tail kick. 8.5" width with a wheel base of 18.75".

Like all Holesom decks, this is so well made, we never get a return (out of thousands shipped). Comes spray gripped. The Biscuit is produced in Oregon for Holesom by LBL.

Biscuit Completes are set up with California Bearings and our seafoam green rubber risers, and your truck/wheel choice:

Biscuit (Freeride/Cruise)

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